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TeleHealth / Live Virtual Therapy

Through our video visits, you can have a “face-to-face” session with your therapist!

They will assess your condition and provide LIVE / real-time therapy, guidance and feedback, while actively taking you through your therapy session!

Our therapists will be utilizing a (3) LAYERED secure video calling system to conduct your sessions.

Please note that you must request this Telehealth service when you contact our facility to be scheduled. 


Call us today at 910-491-5164 to schedule and reserve your first appointment!

Telehealth Questioneer 

Please complete this Quick questioner before your TeleHealth visit. Thank You

1. Do you have Internet access?
2. Does your home have an open space layout?
3. Do you have any hearing/visual impairments that would affect video communication?
4. Is there a quiet room that you could use for sessions?
5. Are there any other family members such as (siblings, parents, pets) in the house at the time of the sessions?
7. Do you have access to a printer?
6. Would Supervision/guardian be available?
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